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Control Systems & Switchgear

A comprehensive service covering all ancillary and auxiliary installations for you control system, protecting valuable equipment from faults or power surges up to 400kV/1000MVA.

Solutions include mechanical or electrical control systems that are fully compartmentalised in a variety of housings, IP65 ingress protected, bespoke AC switchboard design, DC Battery backup and more.  

At KALMEN - ME we provide maintenance services for all site equipment as an ad-hoc service or long-term contractor on sites up to 400kV/1000MVA, including; regional electricity companies, industrial companies, and commercial companies sites. KALMEN - ME Power Services specialise in the following transformer maintenance services:

  • Transformer rewinding, installation and commissioning.
  • Cooling Systems: Oil processing, conditioning, radiator replacement, breathers, etc.
  • Transformer inspection and repair: bushings, metering, radiators, conservators, etc.
  • General Maintenance and refurbishment: testing, sealing, painting, etc.
  • Provide maintenance solutions for all other site equipment plus auxiliary cabling; striving to deliver a cost-effective service to reduce long-term maintenance and repair costs, extending your equipments working life whilst maximising efficiency and avoiding expensive replacement.
  • Maintenance safe guards your power systems infrastructure to reduce the potential for mechanical or electrical breakdown of your equipment.
  • Overhaul & refurbishment of your existing transformers.
  • Installation, testing and commissioning of transformers and associated protection equipment.
  • On site transformer maintenance.
  • On site upgrading of radiators, conservators and forced cooling systems.
  • Removal and replacement of damaged/corroded radiators and on site weld repairs.
  • On site flood and spray painting.
  • Replacement of damaged or obsolete cable boxes and bushings.
  • Oil treatments including oil changes, filtration and oil analysis covering PCB, dissolved gas and routine tests.
  • On load tap changer servicing and maintenance.
  • Replacement of damaged or obsolete components. 

For more in depth Scope of Work, please feel free to send one of our fully qualified engineers an email in the contact us page to discuss your requirements further, and we will make every effort to respond to your requirement as soon as possible.



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