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Transformers Conditions Monitoring

Transformer condition monitoring Benefits:

Monitoring generation, transmission and distribution power transformers is vital concept for the electricity utility’s operation and maintenance personal. Protecting Transformer’s Assets requires the implementation of ON-Line DGA. 

Benefits of On-Line DGA monitoring:

  • Avoiding Transformer failure which can cause catastrophic and costly outage of power.
  • Enabling condition based maintenance schemes on regular schedule, hence lower costs.
  • Extending Transformer Operation life.
  • Deferring capital expenditures for over 10 years.



  • On-Line DGA transformer monitoring allows a clear understanding of true transformer condition and provide the important and timely information needed to maintain
  • the reliability and safety of transformer fleets.
  • Easy correlation to other factors, such as load, temperature, PD, Bushings monitoring and DGA allow a clear understanding of true transformer behavior.
  • Monitor your entire fleet on your desktop simultaneously by On-Line DGA solutions.



On-Line DGA monitoring systems:

  • At Least 8 Gases + Moisture.
  • Monitor performance of pushings, and partial discharge.
  • Leading-edge photo-acoustic spectroscopy (PAS).
  • No consumables (calibration or carrier gas) requirements
  • Multiple-tank option available and one unit for single phase bank of transformers
  • Market leading specification providing an accurate and robust product
  • Sophisticated data and communication systems.


Other Transformer condition monitoring Benefits: 

  • Residual Life Enhancement.
  • Transformer Population Management 
  • Tightness of Transformer 
  • Risk based maintenance 
  • Maintenance Strategies for On-load Tap Changers 
  • FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis) 
  • Aging Behavior, 
  • Don’t Trust your lab 
  • Evaluating data: Water, Oxygen, Several Gases, Furans, DP Profiles, different measure methods. 
  • Treatments, Online Drying, Regeneration / Reclamation 
  • Risks with new transformers 
  • Natural Esters in Transformers
  • Enhanced, user friendly software.


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