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Specialist Services

Continual investment in our engineers training and development has created our specialist service solutions. We offer a fully integrated range of services that can be carried out on mining, petrochemical, oil, gas, offshore and renewable energy sites, including oceanic equipment in docks.

Our Specialist services are as follows:

  • Transformers life management assessment.
  • Wind Farms - specifically working with Utilities and industry leaders to provide a service for clients focused on this renewable energy source.
  • Solar Farms, solar street lighting and solar car parks.
  • Hydrolic Power Plants Project Management.
  • Oil and Gas – Specialist training of design and project engineers to produce and maintain electrical equipment and sites within such hazardous environments.
  • Substation design - investment in resources to design bespoke substations up to 400kV/1000MVA, including fenced, indoor or special purpose buildings / housings / enclosures.
  • Off Shore Services – valuable experience and training for a variety of specialist sites, combining maximum safety regulations with quality assurance.
  • Telecommunication Networking design and/or consultation on wired, wireless and VOIP technologies.


Consultation: We offer a stand-alone consultation service for Regional Utilities, industrial and commercial power companies. Providing solution from our over 25 years experts in the power industry, and a wealth of knowledge from close market sectors, means we can consult you on the right choices no matter what your site requirements may be. KALMEN - ME Power Services has been consultants for some well-known utilities in the Middle East region on local and international levels, delivering an informative and reliable service.


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